Enviro Bulk Container

The australian made Intermediate Bulk Container provides fluid handling solutions for many industries including Food and Beverage, Inks, Chemical and Petroleum.

The unit replaces the cumbersome 205 litre drums and can be used either ‘free standing’ or ‘on transport’, saving valuable warehouse space and eliminating drum handling.

A range of accessories are available including level indication, agitation and heating.

The Environ Bulk Container is manufactured by Stainless Tanks Australia, the recognised specialists in the design and manufacture of Stainless Steel Vessels.

  • Capacity to 1500 Litres
  • UN Certified for transportation of dangerous goods
  • One piece sloped bottom for complete drainage
  • 316 SS wetted part construction
  • Standard Cam Lock fluid connection couplings
  • BSM unions for food and beverage service available